Animal Crossing: New Horizons #1

Finally, after hearing nothing about the new Animal Crossing game for the Switch since SEPTEMBER, Nintendo gave us some gameplay at their E3 direct yesterday and I have feelings about it so that’s what this post is. I only have comparisons to New Leaf as that’s the only previous game I have played so, here’s the improvements I’ve noticed from what we have seen so far.

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Nintendo Direct February 2019


Nintendo finally had their first 2019 direct on February 13th and I thought I’d make a post about the things I was most excited to see in it! They packed a lot in to the 35 minute direct which was mostly supposed to focus on the upcoming Fire Emblem title but only spent around 10 minutes on it leaving plenty of time for other release news. This isn’t a round-up of everything mentioned, this is purely what caught my attention the most.

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