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Book Review: Recent Reads #4

hotelirisHotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa


My Rating: 4/5 stars

‘In a crumbling, seaside hotel on the coast of Japan, quiet, seventeen-year-old Mari works the front desk as her mother fusses over the off-season customers. When, one night, they are forced to eject a prostitute and a middle-aged man from his room, Mari finds herself drawn to the man’s voice, in what will become the first gesture of a long seduction.

Mari begins to visit the mysterious man at his island home, and he initiates her into a dark realm of both pain and pleasure. As Mari’s mother and the police begin to close in on the illicit affair, events move to a dramatic climax.’

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Book Review: Recent Reads #1

Mermaids are Real: The Mystiq Prong by Bo Wu

41428935“’Crabs talk?’ asked Benji.

‘Everything in nature speaks. Not everything in nature listens,’ said Octavius nodding Topside.”

A self published YA fantasy novel, Mermaids are Real explores the relationship humans have with the ocean and our general disregard for the damage our lifestyles are doing to it. Benji is just turning 13 when he discovers that he isn’t actually a regular human kid that just happens to be able to talk to animals, he is in fact the last of his kind and belongs in the ocean with the rest of the mermaids. His parents were killed when he was just a baby because of their belief that if they revealed themselves to the humans (topsiders), that humans would stop damaging the ocean. However, not all of the merfolk shared their belief and instead want to punish the topsiders. It is now up to Benji to find the missing mystiq prong and stop them from starting a war with the topsiders. I found this to be a delightful read, these characters (especially the aquatic ones) are so charming and the humor throughout kept me smiling. I was very invested in these characters and wanted desperately to see them all survive and succeed in their mission. The writing style felt really natural and easy to read, the chapters were also nicely paced which is a big plus for me. Some of the book is extremely dark, one part in this book got me tearing up and the underlying message of how destructive our way of life is to our environment is very powerful. Can not wait for the second book!

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Book kindly sent to me by the author for an honest review

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